As Your Dietitian
I Help You Overcome PCOS, Type 2 Diabetes, and Hypothyroidism!

Meet Noura S.,MSc, RD
Your PCOS Dietitian

My mission is to help women like you overcome their PCOS symptoms from the roots.


As your dietitian, I genuinely care about you as a whole! I am passionate about science and helping people.

I am weight-inclusive and anti-diet dietitian, which means that I value you as an individual and help you with body love and respect, and will never put you on a "diet".

I created programs and services for you in mind using the latest science and practical tools to reach your goals with PCOS.

Founder of Nourish & Nurture

Get some personalized support in my PCOS Body Confidence 12 Week Program

Are you tired of PCOS symptoms?

Are you confused about all the aspects and consequences of PCOS?

Do you feel that you are gaining weight overnight?

Do acne, extra hair growth, weight gain make you less confident?

I want you to know that you are not alone!

PCOS Body Confidence 12 week Program

Want support with PCOS?

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