Hi and Welcome
Nourish & Nurture!

 Hi, I’m Noura!
Your PCOS Dietitian


Are you tired of PCOS symptoms?
Are you confused about all the aspects and consequences of PCOS?
Are you wanting some support to finally feel better?

I've been passionate about nutrition, science, teaching, and learning for as long as I can remember.

I’m originally from Syria, was born in Dubai, and came to Canada in 2009 and have pursued my passion for health and wellness since then. I became a dietitian and opened my practice Nourish & Nurture to help people like you overcome their PCOS issues and live happier lives.


My practice name is something that I care deeply about and I chose it because I knew it would resonate with you, too. Nourish is inspired from my name (Noura) and from nutrition (nourish is my favourite English word by the way). The word nurture was inspired from the famous saying: nature vs nurture, as nutrition plays an essential role in nurturing health and well-being.

It also comes from my philosophy of self-care and self-compassion with the inclusion of mental health. All of these aspects are so important and are big pieces of the PCOS puzzle!

I'm a woman who's proud and humbled to also be experiencing my own women’s issues, struggles, and concerns in different stages of my life. I understand what you’re going through because I’ve been through similar challenges too. I have been through PCOS diagnosis process!

My mission with Nourish & Nurture is to support you in living a happier and healthier life while also overcoming all of your PCOS symptoms

Professional Credentials:
BSc in Dietetics from the United Arab Emirates University
Dietitians Pre-registration Program from Ryerson University
MSc in Nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan

Fun facts about me:
I'm a a mom and an entrepreneur

I currently live with my little family in Mississauga, ON.

I love...

Playing and singing with my children



Noura Sheikhalzoor, MSc, RD