Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a nurse at Hawkeye?

Yes; and she is AMAZING! DeAnn has been with us over a decade. She is an RN (a Registered Nurse) and is licensed in both Massachusetts, where she lives during the year and works as a school nurse, and in New Hampshire. DeAnn is a member of our leadership team and also heads up our Health Management Team. She lives on camp all summer.

What if my child takes medication?

That's not a problem at all, and they won't be the only one. DeAnn, our nurse, is in charge of storage and distribution of all medications. Campers and staff must check in any and all medications with her upon arrival. Medication is all stored locked in the Health Center. No medication of any type is allowed in the camper cabins. All medications must be in the original containers. Parents are asked to be sure that all needed medications for the duration of a camper’s stay is available upon arrival and that any deviations from printed instructions on the container are given in writing and signed by a physician. Medications are distributed regularly at meals and before bed, and other regimens can be managed as needed.

How far are the nearest emergency services and hospital?

In addition to our live-in, full-time Registered Nurse, we work with a local family practice 15 minutes down the road. Specialists (as needed) and the hospital are within 30 minutes of camp and the local fire, police, and ambulance services are just minutes away. We communicate with the local fire, police and ambulance to let them know when we will have participants on camp and to do a pre-season check-in on our emergency preparedness procedures.

What about allergies?

Allergies are part of our regularly managed health regimen for campers and staff. Those with prescription medications are required to bring them to camp. Over the counter remedies for infrequent use are stocked in the Health Center. Participants with anaphylactic allergies are required to bring un-expired epi-pens with them to camp. Our dining hall, meals, and snacks are all nut free and food is not allowed in the cabins. There are bees and other stinging insects around camp, of course, and counselors are kept informed of all camper needs and any safety plans in place.

How is Camp Hawkeye licensed?

Camp Hawkeye is licensed through the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). With one of the most comprehensive and intentional set of statewide standards and guidelines for camps in all of New England, NH rules support safe programs. New Hampshire oversight for camps includes all areas of the program and community including hiring and background checks, food safety, staff training, and site safety guidelines. Our Director, Garrett, sits on the Board of Directors for NHCDA (New Hampshire Camp Directors' Association), a professional organization which works directly with the state agencies, including DHHS, to ensure that camps run safely.

What if my child is a vegetarian (or has other food preferences)?

Great! For every meal, our chef provides versions of, or alternatives to, the main meal. That might look like spaghetti and falafel balls instead of spaghetti and meatballs, for example. There will be a place on the pre-camp health forms to indicate your child's preference. For most alternatives, like lactose-free, vegetarian, etc., there are multiple staff and/or campers per session with those needs and so our kitchen is pretty well stocked. If your camper is vegan, we can certainly make that work, though we may need some help stocking specific alternatives that your child prefers. We’ll work together to make them comfortable and happy. Please note that we do not have a kosher kitchen/are not able to offer kosher options. Helpful Links: Meals

What if my child is a particular ("picky") eater?

What child isn’t to some extent? Our menu is simple, clear, and intended to meet both the dietary needs and taste preferences of our campers. In addition to the meal, there is always an alternative option. If that isn’t a good fit, our staff will work hard for that child to make sure they have a full belly. No one goes hungry at camp - we promise. Helpful Links: Meals