Be Friend with Your PCOS Body

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Your body is where you live or live with and how you appear to the world!

Always remember that you are the expert of your body! Better than anyone else!

We believe that it is critical to have a healthy relationship with it to live more peacefully! When people stop hating their bodies and start embracing/accepting/loving them, they see great results!

Your body communicates to you continuously through feelings, symptoms, etc. In our society, we, many times, try to numb many of those feelings or we may think that our body is acting against us.

It is actually the opposite!

Our body is telling us things, and we need not to ignore those feelings and symptoms. Instead, we want to be mindful of them, feel and track them, ask questions to understand the messages they hold, and then respond and adjust what you do if that is possible or needed.

How can you become your body's best friend?

Appreciate What Your Body Is and Can Do

Appreciate your bodily functions, even the ones that are considered by many individuals as “normal”. Your body has sensations, feelings, and functions you know or you may not know or even feel. Your body communicates with you through feelings and processes (complicated stuff happen inside). Your body allowed you to do so many things so far!

Be Mindful

This can be the first step. Start to be mindful of what is going on with your body. I understand that may not happen all the time but allow yourself to have sometime with yourself. Some people meditate and start noticing their bodily sensations, noises, feelings, and other emotions. Some people may have other ways. Find your way to pay attention.

Listen and Feel

Through paying attention and noticing, start to listen and feel. This may help you understand or just learn about a feeling, an emotion, a pain pattern, or a funny noise!


Sometimes, this need to be the first response after we listen and notice. You can say: “hi body, you are telling me there is a stomach ache, I feel that it’s painful…and that’s okay. I know you want to tell me something through this!”

Acceptance sometimes is hard, especially when there is pain or overwhelming feeling, but imagine when we don’t accept, what would happen?


We are all about tracking here at Nourish and Nurture. Tracking helps us see patterns and understand our friend (body) more. It may bring us to ask questions and find solutions. We provide trackers that are easy to use to help you with your journey.

Ask to Understand

Questions are key. They may come before acceptance and tracking and/or after. That is totally fine!

What is going on? What happened today? Who did I talk to? What are the possible reasons for this? Is there a pattern? Is that what happens every time I go somewhere? Is that the new medication or supplement I am taking? Is that after that long walk I had yesterday? And other questions. It may bring awareness to things that we were not aware of.

Be More Self-Compassionate

Self compassion can happen with all steps. It consists of three parts:

· Be kind to yourself without judgement.

· Recognizing that this is a shared humanity experience.

· Be mindful.

Respond and Adjust -if needed-

You may and most likely get to find a hint or answer, and here where you have us beside you having your back and answering your questions to find the reasons or the actual message(s) your body is telling you. So do not hesitate to contact us and keep up with your appointments! We may need to see you and see your trackers!

Yours Truly, Noura Sheikhalzoor, your RD

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