Let's Dip!

"I want to eat vegetables and fruits, but I cannot eat them plain!"

I totally understand that, and you don't actually need to do that or have to. It is actually better to add a source of protein or fat from a dip to your vegetables to:

  • enjoy the meal/snack

  • get different flavours

  • feel more satisfied

  • help with blood sugar

When I get asked about the best dip, I tell my clients to choose a variety and to try different ones. I also tell them that the ones that contain protein and some fat are great to choose with vegetables or with fruits.

In this blog, I wanted to share with you a group of recipes of some dips that you can make and enjoy with your vegetables, fruits, crackers, pita bread, or bread of choice.

In the file, there are a collection of dip recipes.

Download and enjoy!

Try these dips and let me know what your thoughts are about them.

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